'Baby Shark' Videos Have Amassed 5 Billion Views, Becoming No. 1 Education Trend In YouTube History

“Baby Shark,” the massively viral children’s earworm that got its start on YouTube, has generated billions of views for the platform to date. The song’s original video, posted in 2016 by South Korean educational brand Pinkfong, has generated a whopping 2.7 billion views. But the reach of “Baby Shark” has extended far beyond that video, Tubular Insights reports. Collectively, the top 10 “Baby Shark” videos on YouTube have generated close to 5 billion views, making it the most-viewed trend of all

‘Queer Eye’: How Netflix Went All In on Social Video to Get You Hooked on Season Two

When the original ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ made its debut on Bravo in 2003, YouTube was still two years away from being founded, and promotion around the event was primarily via print media, billboard ads, and talk show appearances. Fast forward to the ‘Queer Eye’ reboot of 2018, and millions of social video views have contributed to the success of the new show as fans lap up any news and views they can get about the modern day Fab Five.

Online Video: Why Storytelling Needs to Be at the Heart of Your Audience Development Strategy

One of the must-attend sessions at Advertising Week this year was “Storytelling Is Dead.” It was billed as a seminar by Raja Rajamannar, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard, but I was expecting a wake. Hey, storytelling has been very, very good for me so, I wasn’t really looking forward to hearing some guy from a credit card company tell me that “Mastercard believes we need to stop being great storytellers.” But, boy, was I wrong. Rajamannar defines “storytelling” as ta

Why longer Facebook Live streams mean more engagement

Facebook continues to push video content via its News Feed algorithm, and video, particularly live video, remains key to its vision for the future of the social network. In 2014, CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, “In five years most of [Facebook] will be video” — and now the site is so invested in video that it’s planning one of its biggest promotional campaigns ever around the feature. The platform last month announced another tweak to its News Feed algorithm, one that gives a lot more weight based

Video Marketing Moves Into the Future

Now what? Video content should be a conversation with the audience. Don't be afraid of unpolished content; speed and authenticity trump production value for consumers. So what? Consumers are looking for authentic content on a variety of platforms from publishers and marketers. The employees at Greenhouse, Leo Burnett’s in-house production studio in Chicago, look relatively relaxed. They wear jeans and decorate their work areas with bright cartoons. They can take their breaks at a foosball tabl

No Skipping Needed: 5 Brands That Perfected the Art of Pre-Roll

“Forcing viewers to engage worked because it’s an issue of public interest,” explained Carla Marshall, editor-in-chief of video marketing publication Tubular Insights. “I’m not so sure how people would have reacted if they were being asked to decide on which type of cookie they preferred, or which travel insurance package they were going to buy.

How to go live: Brands & agencies share their top tips for live video broadcasts

For brands and agencies wanting more engagement and wider exposure, live video is where it’s at – but producing a live broadcast that gets real results isn’t as easy as opening your Facebook app and going live. To determine what’s working in this new medium, we turned to a collection of brand and agency marketers for their live video best practices. From pre-show promotions to choosing content, directing production details and managing comments, the following contributors generously shared what

95 Women Who Influenced the SEO Industry

I’ve worked in the SEO industry for what feels like a lifetime. I live and breathe SEO and I love keeping up with changes in the industry so things like reading other SEO blogs keeps me informed and competitive. Something hit me like a ton of bricks a few nights ago while I was on a SEO webinar, it was so simple yet so profound that I dropped off the webinar (which was a very good one by a good friend of mine) and immediately started my research on women in SEO. It’s true that this is an indus