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Carla Marshall is the Editor in Chief of Tubular Insights. She is a content marketing expert with 10+ years of experience in social media management, content marketing, SEO, and SEM, and has successfully created core and snackable onsite and social media content ensuring strong brand awareness across global markets.

Decoding the NewFronts West Line Up - Your Primer for Making the Most of the Event

It’s been 9 years since the very first NewFronts and for the first time we’ll be welcoming the festival on the West Coast. We’ve taken a look at the presenter and panelist line-up and have prepared the following primer. Stay tuned for Tubular’s exclusive NewFronts West scorecard to give you an objective view of how everyone is actually doing in the space. Until then, here’s an overview of the digital first, news publishers, and influencer platforms and partners that are presenting at the event:

Brands Partner with YouTube Mega Influencers to Bring Sponsored Video Campaigns to New Audiences

Of the top videos featured in this week’s Global Sponsored Videos Chart powered by Tubular Labs, four out of the ten were created by YouTube mega influencers. Not only are brands working with some of the top digital first publishers in the industry, they are also maximizing the opportunities available by collaborating with independent creators in specific verticals to expand the visibility of their products and services.

How Influencers and Digital First Publishers Are Leading Social Video in Australia

Did you know that the consumption of online video in Australia increased by 1 minute 6 seconds per day from Q2 2017 to Q4 2017, while during the same timeframe, broadcast TV consumption decreased by 6 minutes and 40 seconds? That’s a staggering figure, but just how big are Facebook and YouTube in the Australian market, and what creators and publishers are driving social video growth on those platforms?

Emmys 2018: Why Nominated Broadcasters are Missing a Trick on YouTube

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards air live on NBC tonight, in a star-studded event that honors the greatest television achievements of the past year. SNL’s Colin Jost and Michael Che are set to co-host and millions of viewers are expected to tune in to see which shows and stars will walk away with a coveted Emmy. But the reach of the top shows nominated for an Emmy award extend far beyond our TV screens (or other viewing device of choice). In the ‘Outstanding Comedy Series’ and ‘Outstanding Drama

KSI Draws With Logan Paul But Wins Top Sponsored Video of the Week Anyway

Fans of social video (which I hope includes all readers of this post) may be aware that two of the biggest names on YouTube stepped off the platform and into the boxing ring last week. Why? Well, this isn’t KSI’s first rodeo as he’s fought a fellow YouTuber before, but some particularly bad blood between the UK creator and Logan Paul led the two to decide to duke it out in an actual real-life boxing match. As you do.

Brands Sponsor Top YouTube Celebrities to Generate Millions of Video Views

For the second week in a row, YouTube superstar Shane Dawson has the most viewed sponsored video in the world, an extraordinary achievement for an independent YouTube series. If you caught last week’s sponsored video news, you’ll know that Dawson’s special on Jeffree Star went super-viral on YouTube. Episode 3 of the series was picked up by SeatGeek and to date has generated 15.9M sponsored views for the creator and brand.

Cocktails, Soccer and Luxury Travel are the Big Winners in Sponsored Video

The World Cup may be over for another 4 years but sponsored videos around the event are still reaching millions of online viewers. Along with food and drink, and luxury travel content, two videos in Tubular’s Global Sponsored Videos Leaderboard feature FIFA related content. Hyundai Worldwide partnered with FIFA World Cup to reach 3.5M Facebook views with the goal of the tournament from Benjamin Parvard, the French wunderkind who scored that incredible goal against Argentina in the quarter finals

LG Partners with PewDiePie & Ali-A to Create Millions of Extra Sponsored Video Views

Sponsored video is an incredibly effective way of broadening a brand’s reach if they team up with partners to promote specific campaigns. Using Tubular data, we bring you the most up-to-date insights into which sponsored content is generating millions of video views across YouTube and Facebook, sorted by V3 (that’s total views from first three days). Last week, the top ten most watched global sponsored videos generated an incredible 30.5M views for brands such as 23andMe, LG, Wish, and Hyundai.

YouTube Gets All in on Sponsored Video to Promote 'Originals' Content

In the last few days YouTube has launched a significant new feature in ‘YouTube Premium’ which includes background, ad-free listening, plus access to ‘YouTube Originals’. The platform has been heavily investing in original content and promises even more comedies, dramas, reality series, and adventure shows from global creators. In this week’s global sponsored video chart from Tubular, YouTube makes its first appearance in the top ten after partnering with Gabbie Hanna of ‘The Gabbie Show’ to pr

11 Trends That Are Driving Billions of Social Video Views in 2018

The video eco-system is advancing at a staggering rate and publishers, brands, and influencers need vital data at their fingertips to keep on top of the macro and micro video trends in content today. Choosing the right content strategy for your audience development, video distribution, and marketing campaigns has never been more critical. But, how do you determine the right strategies for your brand, and what insights do you need to make those decisions?

How Netflix Used Social Video to Get You Hooked on 'Queer Eye'

When the original ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy‘ made its debut on Bravo in 2003, YouTube was still two years away from being founded, and promotion around the event was primarily via print media, billboard ads, and talk show appearances. Fast forward to the ‘Queer Eye’ reboot of 2018, and millions of social video views have contributed to the success of the new show as fans lap up any news and views they can get about the modern day Fab Five.

How Disney's Empire of Media Properties Drove Incredible Views and Engagement for 'Incredibles 2'

The week ending 15th June 2018 saw 9 major movies released across the US, the biggest being ‘Incredibles 2’, ‘Tag’, and ‘Superfly’, which opened in the largest numbers of theatres. All have been heavily promoted on and offline but using exclusive Tubular data, we can give the industry an insight into how the official movie trailers performed across Facebook and YouTube, for both total views and view metrics within the first 30 days after upload. These are the views from the official trailers rel
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